PETROQUIM has played an important role in the plastics industry in Chile and South America since 1988 and is the only Polypropylene producer in the country.  We are committed to excellence and maintain strict respect and compliance with safety and environmental standards, fully satisfying the requirements of the socio-cultural and economic ecosystem in which we operate: Shareholders, Customers, Collaborators, Suppliers and Community.

We are licensed to use Spheripol® Technology by LyondellBasell Polyolefins, the world’s leader in polypropylene production.

The PETROQUIM plant is located in the Hualpén district, which is situated in the Bío-Bío region, next to the refinery of the National Petroleum Company – ENAP, which provides the main raw materials necessary to produce various grades of homopolymers.  This allows us to deliver efficient solutions for packaging, agribusiness, furniture, fishing, among other diverse applications that, when converted into products, provide well-being in daily life.


PETROQUIM will be a company that generates new business in the Petrochemicals and Energy industries.

Update December 2020


To produce Polypropylene safely and efficiently in order to be the best provider to the
Plastics Industry in Chile and the Andean Region.

Updated December 2020


PETROQUIM began its activities in 1998, installing its Industrial Plant in the Hualpén district, with the purpose of producing Polypropylene, which was only available by import until then.

Its first business objective was to supply the local market and export surpluses in the South American region, becoming, over the years, an efficient supplier with a strong presence in the region.

From its beginnings, PETROQUIM designed and established its own Business Management model. This modern, integrated management system possesses high respect towards the value of our human resources. We count on highly qualified professionals and technicians, who are continuously maintaining their specialty status through regular training and updates.

We also promote being a horizontal organization, with direct contact between our members, thus generating a pleasant and committed work environment that favors personal development, productivity and industrial efficiency.

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Construction of Petroquim Plant 1998

First Board of Directors of Petroquim 1998



At PETROQUIM, Personnel Management and the promotion of  our Organizational Values with our collaborators are some of the keys for our company’s development.

We seek to direct, motivate, develop, and direct all the members of our company towards the achievement of the organizational objectives, guided by the Integrated Policy.


PETROQUIM has forged a culture based on values and principles that guides and strengthens our corporate governance, expressed in our Code of Ethics, which applies to all company members and contractors. We require that all conduct themselves adhering to this normative body.

We act with business, social and environmental responsibility guided by our Organizational Values and oriented towards the Common Good.


PETROQUIM’s principles and values are the shared beliefs that guide us and are evidenced daily in our organizational behavior.


  • Integrity and Honesty

    We behave and interact with others with respect, trust, transparency, and truthfulness.

  • Safety

    We are committed to the “Zero Accidents” philosophy, and everything we do is done in a safe manner

  • Excellence

    We strive to reach a high performance, continuously improving our processes, and placing value on efforts that go beyond the expected.

  • Commitment

    We promote high level of engagement within Petroquim S.A.

  • Work Environment

    We promote an organization where it is pleasant to work, fostering trust, respect, courtesy and a healthy sense of humor.

  • Adaptability

    We are open to changes in the workplace and show flexibility to adapt to them.

  • Personal development

    At Petroquim collaborators are continuously learning and growing, thus developing holistically.