The PETROQUIM INTEGRATED POLICY is a modern management tool, based on Principles of Sustainable Development, which provides a frame of reference for our business objectives: Quality, Environmental Care, Safety and Occupational Health, founded on three pillars.

Economic Pillar

To promote and sustain a responsible economic system, which seeks to add value to the company for our shareholders by establishing long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Social Pillar

To provide a better quality of life for our collaborators, providing them with a safe work environment, promoting self-care, and good coexistence among peers and with the environment.

Environmental Pillar

To encourage and promote good environmental practices, contributing to the balance of the environment and committed to the proper use of natural resources.


PETROQUIM’s Integrated System (SIGP) is an effective management and work tool, known and used by all members of the company, which allows synergy within the organization.

SIGP is designed to handle multiple aspects of operations: Product and Service Quality, Respect for the Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety, as a single management model.

Quality Management ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015

Occupational Health and Safety Management ISO 45001:2018

Responsible Care® Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility Management Principles


Throughout its history, PETROQUIM has developed a significant network of business, technical, technological, and trade union relationships, which allows us to add value to our Production Process, producing high quality international standard products.


Product development at PETROQUIM is based on the continuous improvement of our own production capabilities, industry trends, and the support and collaboration provided by LyondellBasell’s technology transfer and licensing agreements. We also focus on the opportunities offered by the market, and continuously seek to deliver our products and services effectively and in a timely manner.


The compliance program implemented by PETROQUIM is a systematic set of efforts made by each member of the company to ensure that the activities carried out by each one do not violate the applicable legislation.

Our model organizes and systematizes all the norms and procedures adopted by the company to promote and ensure ethical and transparent behavior of each member of PETROQUIM, therefore ensuring that their actions do not violate the applicable legislation or the ethical standards of the company.

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Our Inquiry and Complaint Channel is a means through which anyone can inquire or report suspicious activity that is at odds with probity. Any reports will be kept strictly confidential.

Other ways of inquiry or informing a complaint are:

Verbal Complaint

Anonymous letter to the Crime Prevention Officer

Phone call or message
+56 9 7957 9636