During our 25 years of history, PETROQUIM has developed and consolidated long-term business relationships with our customers. This relationship is based on trust, compliance, and on providing them with a timely, dedicated, and adequate attention to their specific needs.

Our business practices enable us to be known as a “ boutique company“, which means we are able to adapt and tailor our production to the customer’s needs, while maintaining our high quality standards during our production process and with the final product.

PETROQUIM has business representatives in Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, while our customers in Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, and the rest of the Americas are served directly from Chile.

PETROQUIM leads products and developments, technical assistance, and customer service through seminars and training, contributing to the technical knowledge of the sector.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the Plastic Industry guarantees our customers receive high quality products and services, efficiently meeting their needs. PETROQUIM is always looking for new developments and continuous improvement of its processes and products, researching and innovating internally and with third parties.


We make PETROQUIM’s technical knowledge available to all our customers through workshops, training, technical discussions, and collaborations to ensure understanding of our product standards during its conversion process.

We place PETROQUIM Laboratory’s capabilities at our customers’ disposal so they can develop applications and identify materials that meet their requirements, and therefore be a contributing factor.

PETROQUIM maintains up-to-date technical knowledge to support our customers, and one of our strengths is our permanent relationship with the technological licensor and additives and conversion equipment supplier LyondellBasell.

We constantly monitor the plastics industry and its environment, as well as the market trends that may represent threats or business opportunities for our customers.